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PolitikPosted by Tobias Davidsson Wed, November 09, 2016 22:35:50

So we have a republican party that is not afraid to openly use non-democratic tactics to win a democratic election. Restricted voting access in many states and areas where non-whites live, restricted access to registration to vote through voter id-laws that specifically targets non-whites, laws banning registration for felons that targets non-whites, refusal to change early voting rights that targets non-whites, gerrymandering that targets non-whites, openly using the branches of goverment on state and federal levels to push partisan agendas with nominations and blocks that targets non-whites, etc.

And the party is open about it too, bragging in front of crowds on TV even.

Its very clear that what the republican party wants is a white America. They reject all liberal notions of a different world order because that white community is a stronger and more appealing dream/fantasy/vision than what socialists or liberals offer. Stop looking for excuses in economics or class when its so simple. People voted for what they wanted, a racist state and a racist president. There is no hidden circumstance. That "white christian nation" is what people want and they dont care about the liberal values that are trampled to get it. Its the same in USA, UK, France, Hungrary, Poland and soon maybe here in Sweden too.

I wouldn't call it fascism. It's more of an illiberal democracy. But that side will never see it like that. I mean, how could they? Making America great again and putting America first (or UK, Sweden etc) is not turing it into a semi-fascist state, it's saving it. Saving it from whatever threat is facing the defined group adn thus all gloves are off. Being Swedish for the longest time meant being an ethnic swede, if any group like the finns came they quickly adapted to majority culture out of sheer cultural oppression. The same can more or less be said about Americans, the latest group quickly adapted to majority culture which for the longest time meant european, christian and white. Being American or Swedish was easy and if you picked blue or red type of politics you were still an American or Swede, it went more or less without saying.

During the last couple of decades though there was a shift where the political tent expanded to include people of whatever color into that bigger label and the parties more or less either drove that change or followed it. Most of the things Trump or Le Pen were saying were included in the package before and now they weren't. For a long time there was no organized political movement for white power that wasn't just drunk nazis or that old racist uncle. That has changed in a big way in country after country and depending on the political system of the country it meant either changing a big party or forming a new one. In Sweden we now have a solid third big party for white power. In the UK it was sort of a mix with a new party that drove change in the big conservative party and in US it meant changing one of the big parties completely over time.

Can the socialist, conservative and liberal parties adapt to let some of the people back into the old tent where you could be white and conservative/liberal/socialist without losing their spirit? Conservative parties have tried to walk the line to include the old and the new and more or less all of them are failing or have already failed. Liberal parties cannot really change to include the old without ceasing to be liberal parties. Socialist parties can without a doubt adapt to "socialism in one country", several of those isolationist tendencies could be seen in Sanders or Corbyn. But most socialist parties have gone the other route of more "true" left-wing policies to "re-awaken the class-concioussness" and caused upheavals internally and thus political irrelevance almost everywhere. Democratic socialism is more less dead as a majority player in Europe now.

So can liberal parties defend the liberal world order of democracy and universal human rights in the face of this? Well, they clearly couldn't in the US, so what hope do we have for other countries?

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